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Free Chiropractic Exam (A $240 value)

We understand how difficult it can be to choose your doctors.  That's why Dr. Winchell invites you to make an appointment for a free consultation and examination.  You will meet with him in his private office where he will get to know your medical history and talk about your symptoms.  He will then escort you to the examination room where he will personally perform an advanced chiropractic exam including an orthopedic, physical and neurologic evaluation.  MyoVision Spinal EMG will also be conducted to take a measurement of muscle activity in the spine and highlight areas of abnormal function.  Should a more serious condition exist where x-rays are necessary and you agree, there will be a discounted x-ray fee of only $155.  These may not be recommended, but we like to be upfront about everything. Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr. Winchell will educate you on your condition, how chiropractic treatment can benefit you, and discuss all the phases of your treatment. Plan to spend about 45 minutes with him so you have plenty of time to ask questions about your condition, his techniques, or any concerns you may have.

A free, no-obligation chiropractic consultation and exam can be arranged by calling 949-472-4114.