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Your First Visit

We understand that you may be a little nervous about your first chiropractic visit.

You will find a friendly staff and sympathetic doctor that cares about you and your health.

Our staff is committed to nurturing a relationship with you, built on understanding, compassion and respect.  Just one example:  we believe your time is valuable.  So we make sure patients don’t sit and wait…and sit and wait.  We are committed to keeping your time in the office to a minimum, while giving you the quality of care necessary for your recovery. Your comfort and convenience is our staff’s priority.

  • No appointment necessary, drop-in treatment welcome.
  • On-Time appointments, with little to no waiting.
  • Kid-friendly, the little tykes are always welcome.

You will be comforted by a modern facility with state-of-the-art technology.

Every patient’s needs are different.  That is why our full-service office has all the necessary equipment to properly diagnose and treat each individualized condition appropriately.  Dr. Winchell is adamant about using only the foremost, proven methods of treatment for your condition, combining the best of non-force Activator chiropractic technique, laser technology and the most effective physical therapy procedures.

Your complete exam and personal consultation is the essential first step towards your recovery.

Dr. Winchell believes that all health issues must be thoroughly examined and understood in order to optimally improve health.  Rather than simply treat symptoms, extra attention must be given to the potential causes of health problems.  To that end, he places great emphasis on getting to know his patients, listens carefully to their concerns, and always takes the time to communicate in detail what is best for their optimum well-being. Following a review of your health history and current symptoms, Dr. Winchell will conduct a physical, orthopedic and neurological examination.  Depending on the result of your examination, x-rays may be necessary to provide a blueprint and information that may bring about a more favorable outcome to treatment.  X-rays may also be used to rule out tumors, fractures and other hidden diseases or conditions. A Spinal EMG may also be performed to help determine precise locations of spinal dysfunction.  The latest in spinal diagnostics, Spinal EMG is a safe, risk-free imaging device that allows you to visually see the condition on your spine almost immediately. Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Winchell will thoroughly explain your condition and treatment options.  And with compassion he’ll eagerly answer all of your questions and talk about your concerns. Call our Orange County chiropractic office today for a complimentary consultation and exam.

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