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Foot Injuries

What Causes Foot Pain?

Feet are extremely complex structures that are particularly subject to injuries and other problems caused by years of supporting the weight of your body. Foot pain can be caused by many factors. Feet are highly susceptible to sprains, which stretch or tear ligaments and stress fractures of bones that can result from accident or overuse. Just as foot disorders may originate elsewhere in the body, problems experienced in the feet can cause difficulties in other parts of the body. Improper posture or irregularities in the way you walk can create significant stresses on the joints of your legs, hips, and lower spine. Older or overweight individuals, runners and serious athletes are more prone to foot injuries and disorders.

Foot Pain is Often Caused by Plantar Fascitis

Plantar Fascitis affects the bottom of the foot and usually is associated with pain and tenderness on the foot underside.  Pain is generally worse in the morning and decreases with walking.  Prolonged standing can also cause pain during the day. Although the pain with this condition comes from inflammation, the source of the inflammation must be addressed.  The most common culprit is shortening of the plantar fascia, which can be caused by overuse or joint dysfunction.  This can then reduce the already poor circulation to the plantar fascia.  It becomes inflamed, scar tissue eventually forms, and flexibility and strength is reduced.

Bone Spurs in the Foot Cause Pain

Commonly called a bone spur, an osteophyte originates when arthritis, bone misalignment, aging or wear erodes joint cartilage until bone rubs on bone, causing inflammation.  The body then deposits calcium salts in that area and grows new bone in an attempt to become stronger.  This buildup can make the situation worse by continuing further degeneration, irritating a nerve root and restricting normal movement.

Natural Treatment for Foot Pain

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to correct the root cause of the condition, not simply mask the symptoms.  Dr. Winchell is known for his thorough diagnostics to detect and correct the underlying cause of your pain.  Runners and professional athletes trust Dr. Winchell with their feet, and you can too. Chiropractic adjustments of your feet restore function and mobility, and relieve pain.  Contact our office at (949) 472-4114 to arrange a free consultation to find out what Dr. Winchell recommends to relieve your foot pain today.