Chiropractic Treatment Improves Blood Chemicals Associated with DNA Repair

2Chiropractic improves your blood? Yes—not only your blood but your entire body.  People under chiropractic care for as few as eight weeks have higher levels of blood chemicals that are associated with DNA repair and overall wellness. These blood chemicals, serum thiols, are used to measure a person’s general health because they reveal how much DNA repair enzymes you have. In this study serum thiol levels were measured in 46 patients who were suffering from active diseases. They were compared to 21 people under chiropractic care for 8-52 weeks and with 25 people who had been under chiropractic care for 52-312 weeks. The patients were age matched to be 40 years of age or older and those with active disease had the lowest level of serum thiol while those under chiropractic wellness care for 8-52 weeks had higher levels. Yet those under 52-312 weeks of chiropractic care had the highest levels. The authors write, "The results clearly support the recommendations being made for wellness care by chiropractors … there is no doubt that chiropractic care was the dominant factor in being able to realize thiol values."

Long term chiropractic patients have higher blood levels of DNA repair chemicals.

Campbell CJ, Kent C, Banne A, Amir Ai, Pero RW. Surrogate indication of DNA repair in serum after long term chiropractic intervention – a retrospective study. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. February 18, 2005;1-5.


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