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Dr. Randall Winchell, D.C.

Healing Orange County for Over 20 Years

Known for restoring health to patients that other doctors could not help, Dr. Winchell is passionate about providing the best quality care and is genuinely concerned for his patients.  Using a "whole person approach", Dr. Winchell believes that all health issues must be thoroughly examined and understood in order to optimally improve health.  Rather than simply treat symptoms, extra attention must be given to the potential causes of health problems — to get to the root.  To that end, he places great emphasis on getting to know his patients, listens carefully to their concerns, and always takes the time to communicate in detail what is best for their optimum well-being.

Dr. Winchell has developed an unsurpassed treatment protocol for rapid pain relief and healing that combines the best of non-force Activator chiropractic technique, laser technology and the most effective physical therapy procedures.  A constant researcher in pursuit of the most advanced musculoskeletal treatments, Dr. Winchell's patients feel confident their health is in good hands.

Outstanding Chiropractic Education

Postgraduate, Harvard Medical School

Undergraduate, University of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Doctor of Chiropractic, Los Angeles Chiropractic College

Board Certified, Nationally

Advanced Proficiency Rated, Advanced Activator Techniques

National Dean List, Doctoral

Emergency Medical, Technician

Radiological, Certified Technician

Advanced Study, Erchonia Laser, Spinal Decompression, Activator, Chiropractic Biophysics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Ortman, Radiology, Flexion-Distration, Cox, Physiotherapy and Nutrition.

Respected Teacher, Writer and Lecturer

Instruction, American Heart Association

Lecturer, White Memorial Medical Center, Mission Hospital, Doctor’s Hospital, Saddleback School Board and District Schools Television, Radio, Newspaper, Focus on Health, Human Options, Learning Activity, Orange County Register, Saddleback Valley News, Orange Coast Magazine

Professional Scientific Articles, Today’s Chiropractic, Chiropractic Achievers

Meeting the High Standards of his Peers

Member, National Board of Chiropractic

Member*, American Chiropractic Association

Member*, California Chiropractic Association

Member*, Orange County Chiropractic Association

Member*, American Heart Association

Member, Los Angeles Chiropractic College Preceptor Faculty

Dedicated to the Best Chiropractic Care

Elected, Consumer Research Council’s Top Chiropractors

Elected, National Dean’s List Doctorate, 1984-present

Board Certified, Nationally, 1983- present

Proficiency Rated, Internationally, 1989- present

Dean’s List, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, 1984

Research, Foundation of Chiropractic, 1983- present

Internship, Los Angeles Salvation Army Hospital, 1983

Residency, Newport Beach, 1984

Highly Motivated

"Years ago something happened that changed my life.  I suffered as a child from constant headaches and neck pain.  My parents took me to doctor after doctor in search of a cure.  Several doctors called it "growing pains" and others said I would need surgery when I reached 18.  They all prescribed pills to numb the pain.  I ended-up wearing a neck collar, you can imagine how that added to my "nerdiness". I spent most of my high school years in pain, until a family friend suggested that my parents take me to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic, even though my parents didn't believe in the chiropractic method.  Feeling hopeless and having exhausted all other options, they finally made an appointment with a well-respected chiropractor in town.  After the diagnosis and my first few adjustments, we couldn't believe the results.  My pain was gone for the first time in years. And that was the start of my passion for chiropractic.  I graduated with top honors in high school, completed an accelerated bachelor's program at our respected USD School of Mines & Technology, then became the youngest graduate of Los Angeles Chiropractic College.  At just 23, I had landed a residency with the largest Orange County chiropractic practice in Newport Beach.  An avid learner, I later continued my education with Harvard Medical School.

In private practice for over 20 years in Mission Viejo, I am reminded of my story and motivation again and again through my patients.  Seeing their lives change with chiropractic treatment, just as mine did, continues to fuel my passion every day.

I would love to see you experience the tremendous healing my patients and I have experienced. Call me, and let's determine if chiropractic is the best treatment for your condition."

—  Dr. Randy Winchell