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We hear exciting testimonials every day, and are thrilled that our patients will lead happier and healthier lives. Here are just some of the many stories our delighted patients have shared with us.


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Dr. Stanmore Langford, Chula Vista

"I have been a chiropractor for over 10 years. Dr. Winchell is my doctor. I drive over 160 miles roundtrip to see him, he is the best."



Ron Allen, San Clemente

"He saved me from back surgery!"



June Munce, Mission Viejo

"Ten years ago today, I came to you in a wheel chair, wrapped in a beach towel, barely able to move. You put me back together and the next day..I walked again. I was afraid I would never dance a gain, but I have been dancing now for ten years. Thank you!"


Lorea Rollins, Victorville


"Arthritis in my hands bothered me for many years. Doctor after doctor would try different treatments, but nothing worked long term. I would feel better for a while, but that pain always came back. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but a friend told me to see Dr. Winchell. Since I could see how much he had helped her, I decided to give Dr. Winchell try. I'm so glad I did. I'm now gardening again (that's right, at 86 years old)."



Chris Berge, Mission Viejo

"I'm going to be a father in May, and Dr. Winchell gave my child its first present…a healthy father!!! I was told by my medical doctors that I was permanently disabled and lived crippled for 2 1/2 years. After 2 months with Dr. Winchell, I don't live in pain anymore."



Janice Metz, Chino Hills

"My truck wasn't the only thing damaged in my accident. My back and neck were too. Dr. Winchell fixed me good as new."



Deanna Grisham, Mission Viejo

"I can't believe I suffered with migraines for so many years, when help was just up the street. Thanks!!"



Danielle Bowen, Laguna Niguel

"I had terrible headaches every day for years. I would take 4 to 6 Tylenol Migraine to dull the pain enough to get through the day. I hated taking the medication and was worried about my liver. Many people had suggested seeing a chiropractor, but I had never been to one and was scared. Luckily I ended-up at Dr. Winchell's office because his treatment is so gentle, there is no worry for me anymore. I can hardly even feel the adjustment. But I definitely feel the results…NO MORE HEADACHES!!!"



Jean McAllister, Mission Viejo

"After only three adjustments, I haven't had a headache in weeks after suffering with a headache everyday for the last 17 years."


Kim Caufman, Laguna Niguel


"After a few adjustments from Dr. Winchell, my pain was gone for the first time in years. I'm jogging and playing tennis again. I feel younger and more energetic, instead of getting depressed and feeling like my body is falling apart!"



Alicia Sierras, Mission Viejo

"I am extremely grateful for using Dr. Winchell for my Chiropractic work and wish that all who need healthy spines could be referred to him.:



Dr. Robert Karr, D.D.S., Fullerton

"Dr. Winchell's treatment is simply the best!!!"


Mark Escalante, Mission Viejo


"It is your knowledge, experience and dedication to your profession that has really helped me."



Bob Sigler, Mission Viejo

"I went to another chiropractor for one year with worsening results. Dr. Winchell was able to restore my neck, enabling it to return to center."



Rose Mary Nichols, Lake Forest

"The quality of care I received from Dr. Winchell is obvious in the way I feel, look and move. I am very fortunate to have him."



Jim Griggs, Mission Viejo

"Dr. Winchell is very considerate and empathetic. He explains the problem, the remedy and procedure in a clear, logical manner. He takes the guess-work out of the problem and uses science and physics to cure"



Denise Higgins, Mission Viejo

"Dr. Winchell is my confidante and I go to him for all the answers. Thanks to him, I no longer fear the future and what life with MS holds for me. I am truly grateful to him."



Dr. Jerry Kosmala, Mission Viejo

"Dr. Winchell evaluated the problem and knew exactly how to cure it. After few visit, I began to improve rapidly and now I am cured completely – without undergoing any drastic and invasive measures. Thank you Dr. Winchell, you are a true magician."



Anna Kosmala, Mission Viejo

"My name is Anna Kosmala, and I am 76 years old. Three years ago I had a car accident, aftern which I had a hip contusion, chest contusion, vertebral compression fracture of the bones in the spine, etc. I had some physical therapy treatments, but I suffered a lot and sometimes I couldn't get up from bed because the pain was so severe. The doctors suggested a surgery, but my son-in-la, who was cured by Dr. Winchell from his big problem, made an appointment for me to see Dr. Winchell. When I started to visit Dr. Winchell, my pain was disappearing, and gradually I was feeling better. Now, I can perform various things around the house, play with my grandchildren, and I don't have pain anymore, without surgery. Thank you Dr. Winchell."


Lori Ferguson, Mission Viejo

When I first came to see Dr. Winchell in May 2007; I was in constant excruciating pain. I had been to three Orthopedic Surgeons and two Neurosurgeons and no one could offer me any hope for a recovery. I had tried multiple epidural cortisone injections, traction, acupuncture, traditional chiropractors and had been in physical therapy for months with absolutely no improvement. I was not able to work longer than a couple of hours a day and had to sleep sitting up. I was taking four or five oxycodone a day; which did little more than barely take the edge off the pain. Within a month of beginning treatment with Dr. Winchell, I was off the drugs, back at work full time, sleeping in my bed again and my pain level was down from a 10+ to about a 3. Within three months I was virtually pain free leading a perfectly normal life. When Dr. Winchell added the laser treatment, my results have been nothing short of miraculous!


Carol Smith, Mission Viejo

"I picked up something from the floor and felt a horrible pain in my back. I could hardly move. The pain kept me up all night. I knew if I could get to Dr. Winchell I would feel better, I feel like he works magic. Before I left his office, the pain subsided. I can always count on Dr. Winchell to help me with my back problems."


Kathy Gordon, Mission Viejo

"I was referred to Dr. Winchell by my mom after months of pain. When I first came to Dr. Winchell, my sciatic back pain was so bad I could barely stand to walk, couldn't sleep or find a comfortable sitting position. I felt like an 80 year old woman, although I'm only 45. After 6 months of treatment, I have no pain and have returned to exercising, walking and just being able to climb stairs is amazing. Dr. Winchell and his staff are great people, you become like family after a few visits. I can't recommend him and his staff enough. And also a big thank you to my mom for recommending him."


Stacy Bower, Mission Viejo

"My 15 yeaar-old son was having many issues with upper respiratory infections, allergies and severe headaches. He was missing a lot of school and none of the medications were working, expecially for his headaches, which his doctors assumed to be sinus and breathing related. I had just filled out the paper work to authorize one year of Immunology treatments from the allergist, when our main pediatrician referred us to Dr. Winchell. Dr. Winchell diagnosed and immediately began to treat Michael for what was actually causing his headaches — a severe compression on his C2 vertebrae causing pinching aof all the nerves leading to his face, eyes, nose, mouth and forehead. Within a period of four days, Michael's headaches nearly disappeared. He has received treatments 3 and 4 times a week for the past 3 weeks and hasn't missed any more school as a result of headaches. Dr. Winchell is also treating his allergies using the NAET method. He has already significantly helped him with his severe allergy to grass. I truly believe that Michael is on his way to being a healthier and happier teenager. And, especially if he continues his football career, I know that we will be having a nice long relationship with Dr. Winchell and his VERY friendly staff!"

Will Blackman 2012 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants

"Thank you for everything!"


Cynthia Allen

“I lived in pain everyday for over four years. The medical doctors said I had fibromyalgiaand that I needed to learn how to cope with the condition. A friend insisted that I needed to see Dr. Winchell. Thankfully, I did. Because of him, I now live pain-free. I can’t thank him enough for giving me a normal life back.”




Lynn Langford Bonita

"Dr. Winchell is an extremely knowledgeable chiropractor on different techniques and differential diagnoses.  He is an incredible doctor who I highly recommend."



D.K San Clemente

"As a former athlete, Dr. Winchell has been a god-send, alleviating not only back, neck and other pain but he was able addressing the root causes allowing me to live quality of life I always want…. and of course keeping me on the golf and tennis courts. Dr. Winchell's knowledge in identifying the root causes of the problem was second to none… simply amazing.  But moreover the solutions and programs he set up for me is what makes him a truly great doctor. The professional staff makes everyone feel very comfortable and more like a big family. The human touch Dr. Winchell provides to each patient is why my family loves him so much…. he is simply a person who cares about everyone and just happens to be one hell of a Doctor. Thank you Dr. Winchell."

Jonathan Lim, DC Escondido

"Dr. Winchell has been the most dedicated and intelligent healer I have ever met, and he has been my personal doctor of chiropractic. I love his gentle chiropractic instrument adjusting technique. I recommend Dr. Winchell highly to anyone who may have health challenges. "


Janice Metz Eastvale

"My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Winchell's.  My husband suffered for years from low back pain, and after several months of treatments, he was pain-free.  He does continue to receive occasional treatments that he calls "maintenance", but it's amazing.  He actually snowboarded for the first time in many years, which is something I never thought he would ever do again!
I recently started seeing Dr. Winchell because I fell and injured my elbow area.  I tried to let it heal on it's own because I am a bit stubborn, but I should have started treatment right after it happened.  I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary pain.  This is my third week of treatment (3x week) and there is a drastic improvement.  
Although I am not one who would typically take time to write a review, I thought he was deserving of the praise.  He really is amazing and we are super grateful to have found him!"


Cheryl Rollins Chino

"I suffered with shoulder pain for many months, thinking it would just go away.  A friend suggested I go see Dr. Winchell.  With one treatment, the pain was gone.  I wish I would have been introduced to him sooner!!"



Sue B. Lake Forest

"I had tingling through my limbs. My GP sent me to a neurologist who sent me to a spinal surgeon who sent me for several MRIs.  They ruled our medical disorders like MS, but didn't know what was wrong with me and wanted to do more tests.  My sister insisted that I try a chiropractor.  I wasn't a big fan of chiropractors, but my friend and husband had been to Dr. Winchell and were pleased with their results, so I gave him a try.  

The office is clean, the staff is friendly and I look forward to my visits.  It's been 4 months and my tingling is gone.  A side benefit is my lower back feels so much better!  I'm in my 50's and figured that just how things are as you get older.  Well…they don't have to be.  Dr. Winchell straightened me out and I'm pleased to recommend him."


Kimm Sharp Costa Mesa

"Not just any chiropractor, but the best!!  I've been treated by Dr. Winchell over the years for pain from psoriatic arthritis, a knee injury and lower back injury from a car accident.  After a thorough exam and a treatment plan specifically for me, Doc had me feeling great in very short period of time.  What I liked was he didn't just treat my symptoms, he set me on a path that to ensure my long term health was handled too!  Thanks Doc for taking extra good care of your patients!"



Michael W. Shannon. M.D. San Clemente

"When I suffered full thickness burns of the toes of my right foot in a near-death auto accident in late March, I thought immediately of Dr. Winchell and the Erchonia cold laser treatments that he had done on my knee when I tore my meniscus. Dr. Winchell did laser treatments on my burned toes throughout the six weeks I was in the hospital. The healing was steady and amazing. I lost the end of my second toe to infection, but without the laser treatments, I am sure that I would have lost most of three toes. I will never be able to thank Dr. Winchell sufficiently for his knowledge, his laser and his compassion."


Joni Baca Mission Viejo

“I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disorder in my cervical spine during the spring of 2006.  I sought the opinions of three separate orthopedic surgeons, they all gave me the same diagnosis – cervical spine degeneration in levels C4, C5, and C6.  The pain was intense, sharp stabbing pains in my scapula and trapezius muscle areas, a burning sensation in my mid-back, constant aches everywhere.  My forearms and fingers were numb and tingling, as were my feet and toes.  I searched out every avenue for an alternative solution to surgery (i.e. physical therapy, acupuncture, high-end prescription medication and Dr. Winchell).  I was told over and over that this was degenerative and it would not go away.  It was just something that had to be dealt with and had to be taken care of now. 

So, late November 2006, (against Dr. Winchell’s recommendations) the surgery was performed – a three-level fusion of my cervical spine.  A five-hour operation.  Dr. Winchell called my husband that day to see how I was doing.  Wow a doctor actually caring how I felt. But, it wasn’t the actual surgery itself that impacted me.  It was the recovery period lying ahead.  I was told recovery for this procedure would take about a year.  Since the surgery was very invasive, it would need a lot of time for muscle and nerve repair.  I was also told NOT to see anyone but the surgeon’s physical therapy referral, because they wanted no other factors to intervene with their treatment. 

I was treated with physical therapy for eight weeks after the initial surgery, but…no relief.  Went to another physical therapist for another eight weeks…not a lot of relief there either.  I was confused.  I knew that recovery would take some time.  I explained to them how I felt, where I hurt, but how come I wasn’t feeling any better?  I started to do some research on my own online.  I kept thinking about the surgeon’s orders about “no intervention from any other outside factor.”  Is that really true?  What was missing here?  I located another physician whose specialty was rehabilitation after surgery or injury. 

Went to him for a consultation and again, ten more weeks of physical therapy.  I was feeling a little better, but still, not the person I was, and I still required the prescription medication just to make it through the day.  I was doubting my mental stability.  No one will ever know what chronic pain is until they experience it.  Any kind of constant pain, no matter what the cause, can drive a person nuts.  My life was a mess.  I felt so out-of-control.  My relationship with my husband and my daughter (and just people in general) was suffering.

Anyway, to make a long story a lot shorter…DR. WINCHELL SAVED MY LIFE.  Against everything else I had been told since the surgery, I went back to Dr. Winchell.  I explained to him what all the physical therapy places had been doing.  He listened (how important that is).  He replied,” Overall, good care, however, not individualized for me.”  That was it!!  I needed treatment FOR ME, not what some book says should be done for some procedure.  I trust Dr. Winchell with my life.  I started chiropractic care with Dr. Winchell, with him un-doing some of the treatment that had been done and that was not specifically right for me. 

After about five weeks with Dr. Winchell, I am now able to breathe!  My ribs don’t ache, my back spasms have gone almost away, and the burning sensation in my mid-back is gone.  I am more mentally stable now that I have been for a long time.  I can laugh again.  I have not needed to take my prescription medication.  I can manage my job much better.  I am feeling almost as good now as before the surgery, and I have a awesome vacation planned and I will be at my best again.

This is my story, and my new life.  It brings tears to my eyes to re-live this experience, for it was so overwhelming.  There are not enough words I can say to thank Dr. Winchell for doing all he has done and for BEING THERE FOR ME.  Dr. Winchell is THE BEST.”


Monique Mansour Mission Viejo

"I can't express how thankful I am for Dr. Winchell and his practice. After years of suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome (with severe numbness and tingling in both arms), and other autoimmune chronic issues, I came accustomed to living in pain.   As a last resort, in 2005, (no one referred or mentioned us to chiropractor at the time), I had brachial plexus surgery after having years of physical therapy, shots, wearing a postural brace, pain medication, etc. I was symptom-free for six years after the surgery, having no numbness or tingling in the arms, but still had an extremely stiff neck. Six years later, my symptoms came back in full force.

I was in complete denial, as my surgeon told me that I had a 7% chance of my symptoms returning. Not wanting to see neurologist after neurologist again, I saw one chiropractor before Dr. Winchell who turned out to be a total quack. She tried to sell me everything under the sun, and I really felt uncomfortable. Believing that chiropractic still can work, I came to Dr. Winchell and I am so incredibly elated. I learned that my neck has no curvature, which is why my nerves are being pinched up and down my neck. My x-ray showed other signs of subluxations and decay, which correlated with my symptoms.

After just a few adjustments, I am already feeling much better, and I look forward to seeing Dr. Winchell and his amazing, friendly staff each visit.  His laser and low-force techniques are truly life-changing. I recommend him whole-heartedly! If you want to be healed and treat the cause of your symptoms, you need to see Dr. Winchell. He cares about his patients deeply, and his staff will work with you and your insurance to make sure you get the help you need and deserve. Thank you, Dr. Winchell!"


Daniel Pendley Redondo Beach

"Thank you, Dr. Winchell! You did it again! Horse stepped on my back 14 years ago and I was unable to stand up – Fixed me then; again just recently no one else could figure it out.. I drove 90 miles to see Dr. Winchell & with his cutting edge technologies and know-how he fixed my sports injury – sciatica. Believe me when I say he’s the BEST there is! Thanks again Randy."



Jean Fletcher Laguna Niguel

"When I came to Dr. Winchell I was in a wheelchair, I couldn’t move.  Now I can walk!!  He’s wonderful!"




Troy Rowley Mission Viejo

"had 3 back surgeries that didn’t work too well.  So I came here, it was my last hope.  After a few adjustments, I felt better than any of my surgeries.  Now I’m getting back to what I like to do – this was the saviour!"



JD Seal Mission Viejo

"I never thought I’d feel this good again.  I’m living pain-free.  I absolutely recommend Dr. Winchell.  I think the techniques he uses are state-of-the-art – I’m very happy with the results."