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The New Approach To Neuropathy Treatment

Fortunately, there has been a great deal of neuropathy treatment research as of recently — especially at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard. Following the results of these studies, I have developed a safe, natural, peripheral neuropathy treatment that is helping thousands of patients. Rather than an attempt to just hide your symptoms with medication and let your nerves continue to degenerate, this approach targets healing your nerves for a lasting solution that not only stops the discomfort but stops and reverses the condition altogether. The cherry on top? It’s a non-drug, non-injection, non-surgical approach.

Message From Dr. Winchell

“I was just like you. One of the many neuropathy sufferers who tried everything, but had no long-term solution. After extensive neuropathy research following studies at the likes of Harvard and National Institutes of Health, I found a neuropathy treatment protocol that worked for me, and is working for my patients with a 95% satisfaction rate that targets your systems which heal your nerves, and includes clinically-proven laser to accelerate your body’s healing process for quick results. Most of my patients report feeling improvement with the first treatment.

I would be honored to help with YOUR neuropathy recovery.”

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Don't Fall For Chicken Dinner Sales Pitches

Let’s just be straightforward with one another. If you really want to get well and end your neuropathy ordeal, book a nerve damage screening so I can test if you still have enough functioning cells to heal. No song and dance, no rubber chicken, just an honest outlook on what you can expect with treatment methods backed by the science of National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical.

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Signature Laser Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Common medical treatment for neuropathy involves pain pills, anti-seizure medication, and anti-depressants – all of which have serious side effects and don’t address the cause of your nerve damage, so they fail to give you a lasting solution.

Dr. Winchell’s safe, natural, peripheral neuropathy treatment program increases blood flow to the damaged nerves, stimulates regeneration of your damaged nerves and activates cellular healing. Rather than an attempt to just hide your symptoms like other neuropathy treatments that let your nerves continue to degenerate, Dr. Winchell’s approach is aimed at helping your body to heal itself from within for a lasting solution with the goal to not only stop the progression but reverse the condition.

After a thorough exam at our Orange County neuropathy and pain center, Dr. Winchell will develop a personalized plan for your recovery from annoying and often agonizing symptoms, as well as prevent even more serious, and potentially irreversible damage.

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